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Cheti Chand



Cheti Chand is the name given to the Sindhi New Year which is celebrated every year in March-April to mark the birth anniversary of Jhulelal (b.1007 AD), who is considered by the Sindhis to be the reincarnation of Lord Varuna or the God of Water. Water has a special significance for Sindhis because centuries ago Sindhi merchants used to traverse through the waters by ships carrying their cargo to far-off lands. Most sub-sects of the Sindhis like Shikarpuris, Sahitis, Larkanas, Sakhru and Bhai Bands celebrate Cheti Chand in the Jhulelal mandirs or tikanas across he country. One sub-sect, Hyderabadi Amils celebrate Cheti Chand in their gurudwaras, which are patterned along the lines of Sikh gurudwaras. 


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