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Fairs & Festivals  of Gujarat


Dang Darbar

The event is held at Ahwa, in Dang District in theb month of March when tribal people of Dangs congregate and celebrate Holi in their own unique way.

International Kite Festival

This immensely popular kite flying festival is held in important cities of Gujarat. Designer kites of infinite variety are displayed at the venue.

Modhera Dance Festival

This annual festival is held at the Sun Temple at Modhera.

Somnath Festival

It is held in the Rann of Kutch in March.


Ambaji Fair

Ambaji fair is dedicated to Amba, the mother goddess and is held in Banaskantha district. It draws tourists from all over India and abroad.

Bhavanath Fair at Junagadh

This fascinating fair or mela is held in March at the foothills of Mount Girnar.

Chitra Vichitra Fair

The history of Chitra Vichitra fair can be traced back to the days of the Mahabharata. It is celebrated every year a fortnight after the Holi festival at the place where the Aakar, Vakar and Sabarmati rivers meet. The fair is a colourful celebration of the tribal culture and costumes of the Bhils and Garasias.

Kutch Utsav

This fair is organised by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited in the month of February-March to promote Kutch as a tourist destination within the country as well as abroad.

Madhavrai Fair

This fair is held at Madhavpur near Porbandar to celebrate the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini, on the ninth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra(March/April).

Shamiaji Fair

The Shamiaji shrine and the site boast of an ancient and glorious heritage. Thousands of tribals flock to this fair.

Tarnetar Fair

The Tarnetar Fair is one of the most colourful events in the state of Gujarat. It is held at village Tarnetar at the Trinetreshwar Temple in the honour of Lord Shiva in the month of Bhadrapada (August/September). This popular belief associates the village with the Swayamwar of Draupadi. Various colourful dances like Garba, Hudo Dance and Rasada are performed during this fair with the accompaniment of folk musical instruments.

Vautha No Melo

Situated at the confluence of two rivers near Ahmedabad, Vautha No Melo attracts people of all communities. Animals, particularly donkeys and camels are sold in large numbers during this fair, which is held in November every year.


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