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Fairs & Festivals  of Himachal Pradesh



The festival of Chait is celebrated in April in Kullu and Chamba. Flaich or Oo-khayang: It is essentially a festival of flowers celebrated during the months of Asauj (Sep/Oct) in the Kinnaur district.

Ghantal Festival

It is celebrated in June at the Guru Ghantal Monastery in the Lahaul valley.


This festival is celebrated by the Lamas in January in Lahaul valley.

Haryali Festival

This festival announces the onset of the monsoon rains.

Lahaul Festival

The Lahaul festival is celebrate during July in the Lahaul Valley.

Lohri or Maghi

The festival of Lohri is celebrates in the most areas of Himachal Pradesh in the month of January to commemorate the last sowing of Ravi crop.

Manimahesh Yatra

This Yatra is taken to the sacred lake of Manimahesh in Chamba district in the month of August, after the festival of Janamashtami.

Pauri Festival

Pauri festival held at Udaipur in Lahaul valley at the Trilokinath temple, which is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists.


Phagli is another important festival of the Lahaul valley and is celebrated towards the end of winter and beginning of the spring season.

Phulech Festival

It is the festival of flowers celebrated in Kinnaur. It involves paying floral tributes to the local deity, followed by singing and dancing.

TIPA Festival

This is an opera festival including folk dances and plays organised by the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) at McLeodganj in the month of April.


Tushimig is a festival that lasts for forty-five days and is organised mainly by unmarried girls.

Baisakhi or Beesh, Koshme, Shukud, Sazo, Deeval, Flaich (or Oo-khayang), Dakhraini and Phagul or Suskar are the important festivals celebrated in the Kinnaur district.

Fairs of Himachal Pradesh

Bala Sundri Fair

The Bala Sundri Fair is held in Trilokpur in Sirmour district at the temple of Goddes Bala Sundri.

Bhawan Dwadashi Fair

It is celebrated in the month of September at Nahan in the Sirmour district.

Chhatrari Fair

It is celebrated in the month of September at Chamba in the Shakti temple.

Dal Fair

It is hosted in the month of August at the Dal lake in upper Dharamshala.

Dhoogri Fair

This Fair is celebrated in May at the temple of goddess Hadibha Devi at Manali.

Gaddi Fair

This fair is celebrated by the Gaddis at Bharmour every year in August.

Gugga Fair

This fair is celebrated in Chamba, Simour and Bilaspur, during which the Gugga or the Nag devta is worshipped.

Ladarcha Fair

This fair held in Kaza, the old trade route to Tibet and central Asia, during which traders to sell different produce like wool, woollen cloths and dry fruits.

Lavi Fair

The Lavi Fair is held in November at Rampur, where people from different areas gather for the trading of wool, carpets, shawls, dry fruits and even horses.

Minjar Fair

This fair is celebrated in Chamba in August /September in the honour of Lord Varuna, the God of rain, for timely rain in the region for good harvest.

Nagini Fair

It is held at Nurpur in the Kangra district in the month of September.

Nalwari Fair

]This is basically a cattle fair in which cattle is bought and sold.

Phool Yatra

It is celebrated in the Pangi valley in the Chamba district in the month of October during which people worship the Dehant Nag.

Renuka Fair

The famous Renuka fair celebrated every year in the month of November at the sacred Renuka Lake, near the temple of Parshu Ram and Renuka Devi, to commemorate mother Renuka, who was killed by her son Parsuram under the orders of his Rishi father Jamdagni.

Sari Fair

Buffalo fights mark the Sari fair which is celebrated at Arki in the month of July.

Shrawan Fair

This fair is held at holy shrine of Naina Devi in the month of August.

Sipi Fair

It is celebrated at a place called Mashobra, near Shimla in the month of May every year. It is traditionally a time for match-making.

Solan Fair

This fair, which is held on the second Sunday of June every year, is dedicated to goddess Shilooni.

Sui Fair

This exciting fair is celebrated in Chamba district.


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