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Fairs & Festivals  of Maharashtra


Banganga Festival

Legend has it that Lord Ram, on his way to Lanka in search of his wife Sita, stopped on the hillock of Malabar Hill. He shot a ban (arrow) into the ground to obtain fresh water of the holy Ganga for his followers. The Shilahara kings had later built a large stone tank at this place to store the water of the Banganga. Every year, in January, a cultural festival is organised at Banganga, where top artistes from around the country perform live classical music concerts.

Elephanta Festival

It is being held every year in February since 1989 at the Elephanta Island, near Mumbai. During the festival, renowned dancers and musicians perform outside the caves to a select audience.

Ellora Festival

It is organised by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) every year in December at the Ellora Caves, near Aurangabad. Renowned artistes display their virtuosity in music and dance during the festival.

Kalidas Festival

Kalidas was a great Sanskrit poet and dramatist, famous for his historical drama, Shakuntala, and for the epic poem, Meghdoota. The Kalidas Festival brings back memories of the golden period of the Vidarbha region. Ramgiri, or Ramtek as it is popularly known today, is the place that inspired Kalidas. Every year, in November, some of the greatest exponents of music, dance and drama perform to celebrate the glorious heritage of Ramtek in this 2-day festival.

Narali Pournima

The full moon day of the month of Shravan is celebrated with characteristic fervour in different parts of Maharashtra and is known variously as Narali Pournima, Shravani Pournima, Rakhi Pournima or Raksha Bandhan.

Pune Festival

It is a celebration of art and culture, song and dance, custom and tradition. Originally conceived as a localised cultural event, the Pune Festival has, over the years, gained national and international stature and evolved into one of India's landmark cultural happenings. Some of the country's internationally renowned artistes have performed at this festival.

Vithoba Festival

This festival is held thrice in a year in April, July and November at the Vithoba Temple at Pandharpur in the honour of Lord Vithoba.

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