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Paryushana takes place in the month of Shravan Vad in August/September every year. Paryushana is practised for eight days by the Svetambara sect of the Jains, while celebrations last for ten days among the Digambaras. It marks the retreat of the nomadic monks owing to monsoon showers and torrential rains. During this festival, Jains of all ages visit the divine temples or Upashrayas to listen to the discourses and readings of Kalpa Sutra.

In the evenings, Jains perform a kriya called Pratikraman, a form of meditation to reflect on spiritual journey.  The annual Pratikraman is known as Samvatsari Pratikarman, which is the last day of Paryushana. Paryushana is marked by strict observance of the ten cardinal virtues: forgiveness, charity, simplicity, contentment, truthfulness, self-restraint, fasting, detachment, humility and continence. There is also a unique custom when individuals ask for forgiveness for offending one another during the year.


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