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Fairs & Festivals  of Sikkim



This festival takes place during the monsoon in July at Jowai and Tuber in the Jaintia Hills to invoke the blessings of the creator for a bountiful harvest.

Drukpa Tseshi

This is a religious festival that marks the first preaching of the Four Noble Truths by Lord Buddha. It is celebrated in all the monasteries.

Guthor Chaam

This festival is held at the Rumtek Monastery two days before Losar.


It is the Tibetan New Year celebrated with lot of gaiety and festivity.


It is the Sikkimese New Year.

Pang Lhabsol

This festival is celebrated to worship Kanchenjunga, the guardian diety of Sikkim.

Saga Dawa

It is considered as the "Triple Blessed Festivals" and holiest of all the Buddhist festivals. It is on this day Lord Buddha was born, achieved Enlightenment and attained Nirvana.

Shad Suk Mynsiem

It is a colourful thanksgiving festival celebrated during spring in the Khasi Hills.

Tashiding Bhumchu

It is a festival when holy water consecrated by Ngadak Sempa Chhenpe, one of the founders of Buddhism in Sikkim, is distributed to devotees.

Tse-chhu Chham

This festival-cum-dance is celebrated at the Rumtek monastery in the honour of Guru Padma Sambhava (Guru Rimpoche).


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