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St. Francis Xavier's Day

St. Francis Xavier's Day commemorates the Death Anniversary of St. Xavier, the great Catholic missionary who came to Goa in 1543 AD and started preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of India. He got the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Ave Maria translated into the local language with the help of Goan scholars. To mark the occasion, ceremonies are held in the Church of Bom Jesus in Goa on December 3, the day he was buried. Devotees visit the church in large numbers to seek his blessings. Every 10 years on the anniversary of his death, his body was brought out and kept in a glass case, with the feet exposed, for all to see and worship. The last exposition was held in 1994. Since the condition of the body had deteriorated visibly, it was decided by the church not to display the body any more.



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