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Famous Personalities of English Literature

A.K Ramanujan

A. K. Ramanujan (1929-1993) is one of the finest Indian English poets ever. His principal works include his collections of poetry  more

Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh (b. 1956) is a renowned modern novelist, whose first novel, The Circle of Reason (1986)  more

Anita Desai

Anita Desai (b.1937) is a popular Indian English novelist with a number of novels and collections of short stories to her credit.   more

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy shot to international fame with her very first novel, The God of Small Things,  more

Jhumpa Lahiri

Lahiri was born in 1967 in London, and grew up in Rhode Island. She has traveled several times to India.  more

Kamala Das

Kamala Das (1934-2009) is perhaps the best-known Indian woman poet writing in English at present.  more

Kamala Markandaya

Kamala Markandaya (1924-2004) is a prolific novelist. Her important novels include Nectar in a Sieve  more

Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh (b. 1915) is a renowned novelist, short-story writer, editor, columnist and a Sikh historian.  more

Manohar Malgaonkar

Manohar Malgaonkar (1913-2010) is a prominent Indian English novelist, who is known for his penchant for historical themes.  more

Mulk Raj Anand

Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004) has written several novels on social themes which include Untouchable (1935), Coolie (1936)  more

Nirad C.Chaudhuri

Nirad C.Chaudhuri (1897-1999) was a highly renowned author, who became internationally famous with his autobiography The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian.  more

Nissim Ezekiel

Nissim Ezekiel (1924-2004) is included among the most emphatic of the modern Indian English poets. He ushered in an era of Modernism in Indian English poetry.  more

Raja Rao

Raja Rao (b. 1909), along with Mulk Raj Anand and R. K. Narayan, constitutes the great trio of the Indian English novel. His important novels include Kanthapura (1938),  more


Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Naranayanaswami or R.K.Narayan (1906-2001), known as Grand Old Man of Indian English fiction  more

Salman Rushdie

Controversial author of several books like Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses (1989)  more

Sarojini Naidu

 Sarojini Naidu (1879-1949), the first woman president of Congress and the first woman governor of an Indian state   more

Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor (b.1956) shot to fame with his first novel The Great Indian Novel,  more

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth (b. 1952) created a furore in the US literary world in 1986,  more 





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