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Famous Personalities of Gujarati Literature


Akho (1591-1656), an important Bhakti poet of the medieval period. His major works include Panchikiran, Akhegita, Chittavichar Samvad, Gurushishya Samvad and Anubhav Bindu.   <more>

Bhagavati Kumar Sharma

Sharma (b.1934) is a renowned novelist, essayist and a short story writer in Gujarati. He won the Sahitya Akademi Award for his work Asuryalok.  <more>


Dalpatram (1820-1898), popularly referred as 'Kavishwar', is renowned for his works like Mithyabhiman (play) and Bipani Pinpar (poem). His poems are collected in the anthology Buddhiprakash.  <more>

Govardhanam Madhavram Tripathi

Tripathi (1855-1907) is considered as the greatest novelist of Gujarati. His novel Saraswati Chandra is a masterpiece in Gujarati literature and took 14 years to be completed (1887-1901).  <more>

Harindra Dave

Harendra Dave (1903-1995) was an outstanding poet, fictionist and essayist of the post-Independence period.  <more>

Kakasaheb Kalelkar

Kalelkar (1885-1981) is considered as the master Gujarati travelogues and essays. His famous travelogues include Himalayano Pravas.  <more>

K.M Munshi

K.M Munshi (1887-1971) was a litterateur par excellence in varying genres like the novel, short story, biography and autobiography.  <more>

Narasinh Mehta

Narasinh Mehta (1408-1480) is generally acknowledged as the Father of Gujarati poetry. His principal works are Harsamenang Pado  <more>

Narmada Shankar

Narmada Shankar (1833-1886) is the pioneer of the modern Gujarati poetry. His important works include Mari Hakikat, Rukmini Harana, Vana Varnana and Virasimha.  <more>


Padmanabh (1296-1300) was a court poet of Akheraj Chauhan, ruler of Jhalor in Rajasthan. He composed Kanhadde, a historical poem of epic dimensions.  <more>

Pannabhai Patel

Pannabhai Patel (1912-1989) is one of the foremost fictionists in Gujarati, who has more than 200 short stories and about 50 novels to his credit.  <more>

Rajendra Shah

Rajendra Shah (b.1913) is a prolific poet who has produced great works like Dhwani (1951), Andolan, Sant Kolahal, Ksana Je Cirantan, Sankalit Kavita and Aranyak.  <more>

Rasiklal Parikh

A renowned Gujarati poet, short story writer, playwright and literary critic Rasiklal Parikh (1897-1982)  <more>

Umashankar Joshi

Umashankar Joshi (1911-1988) is an eminent poet, scholar and writer, who has produced noteworthy works like Gangotri  <more>



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