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Famous Personalities Of Kannada´┐ŻLiterature


Bendre (1896-1981) is regarded as the Father of modern Kannada poetry. His poems depict extensive use of folklore, the vachanas and the kirthanas.  <more>

Gopalakrishna Adiga

Adiga (1918-1992) is a pioneer of the modern movement termed Navya in Kannada literature. His Bhoomigeetha, Bhavataranga and Nadedu Bhanda Dari are celebrated for their experimental style and modern tone.  <more>


Harihara, the revolutionary poet of the 13th century, sang about common men and women in his short narrative poems adopting a new metrical form called Ragale i.e. 'rhymed blank verse'.   <more>

K.Shivarama Karanath

Karanath (1902) is described as an all-time Kannada novelist, being the originator of the realist novel in Kannada. Marali Mannige is one of his great novels  <more>


Puttapa (1904-1994), also known as Kuvempu, is perhaps the greatest poet of the 20th century. His first novel Kanooru Heggadithi appeared in 1938.  <more>

Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

Masti Iyengar 'Srinivasa' (1891-1986) is a renowned poet, dramatist and critic who is regarded as the Father of the modern Kannada short story.   <more>


Pampa (902 AD) was the court poet of the Chalukya king Arikesarin II during the 10th century. He was the first major poet of Kannada.   <more>


Lankesh (b.1935) is an important poet, playwright, novelist, film director and journalist. His major works include the plays Sankranthi and Guna Mukha  <more>


Narasimhachar 'Putina' (b.1905) is considered one of the major Kannada poets of the 20th century. His Gokula Nirgamana is one of the best verse plays in Kannada.  <more>


Ananthamurthy (b.1932) is prominent among modern Kannada writers. His prominent novels are Samskara and Bharatiputra. Samkara explored the problems of orthodoxy and Brahmanism.   <more>

Waman Bendre

Renowned poet and critic Dr Waman Bendre has many published poem collections to his credit of which Modalu Todalu  <more>

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