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Famous Personalities Of Oriya Literature

Baladev Ratha

Baladev Ratha (1779-1845) was the great musical poet of Orissa, whose Campu is the unique specimen of Oriya musical drama.  <more>

Fakir Mohan Senapati

Fakir Mohan Senapathi (1843-1918) was a prolific poet and novelist, who is as the father of Oriya fiction.   <more>

Gopabandhu Das

Born on Oct 9, 1877, Gopabandhu Das was a public spirited Gandhian of Utkal who championed the cause of the statehood of Orissa.   <more>

Kali Charan Patnaik

Kali Charan Patnaik (1898-1978) was one of the most renowned Oriya dramatists of the 1940s, who dwelt extensively on the contemporary social issues in his plays.  <more>

Manoranjan Das

Manoranjan Das (b.1927) is the pioneer of the modern Oriya drama.  <more>

Manoj Das

Manoj Das (b.1934) is counted among the popular short story writers in Oriya, as well as English.  <more>

Mayadhar Manasingha

Leading poet, critic and educationist, Mayadhar (1905-1973) was the first person to obtain a Ph.D in Oriya.  <more>

Santanu Kumar Acharya

Santanu Acharya (b.1934) is one of the renowned novelists in the post-independence era. His important novels include Nara Kinnar, Satabdira Nachiketa and Karanjia Diary.   <more>

Satchidananda Rautray

Rautray (b.1916) is one of pioneers of the modern Oriya poetry. His major poetical works include Palli-Shree, Pandulipi, Kavita and Swagata.  <more>

Sitakant Mahapatra

Mahapatra (b.1937) is one of the renowned contemporary Oriya poets, who is known for his poetic works such as Dipti O' Dyuti  <more>

Surendra Mohanty

Mohanty (1922-1990) is a renowned name in the Oriya literature. His literary repertoire included short stories, novels, travelogues, criticism, features and biographies.  <more>

Upendra Banja

Upendra Banja (1680-1720) was one of the leading Oriya poets of the medieval times. His kavyas based on Puranic stories are considered as literary masterpieces.  <more>



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