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Famous Personalities of Punjabi Literature

Ajeet Cour

Ajeet Cour (b. 1934) is a reputed fiction writer who has nine collections of short stories and two novels to her credit.  more

Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam (b. 1917) is one of the most celebrated poets of Punjabi literature. (1970).  more

Bhai Vir Singh

Bhai Vir Singh (1872-1957) is considered as the Father of modern Punjabi poetry.  more

Dalip Kaur Tiwana

Dalip Kaur Tiwana (b. 1935) is a prominent novelist of contemporary Punjabi literature. Her works focus on the plight of the oppressed woman and the lowly position society accords to her.   more 

Gurdial Singh

Gurdial Singh (b. 1933) is a prolific writer in Punjabi. His first novel, Marhi Da Diva is considered as a work of great literary merit.   more 

Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh (17th century) was prolific writer and a poet. He compiled the final version of the Adi Granth.   more

Kartar Singh Duggal

Kartar Singh Duggal (b. 1917) is a brilliant Punjabi writer who has penned several novels, short stories, plays and poems.   more

Mohan Singh 'Mahir'

Mohan Singh 'Mahir' (1905-1978) is considered as the greatest Punjabi poet of recent times, who is credited with introducing modernism in Punjabi poetry.  more

Nanak Singh

Nanak Singh (1897-1971) has been called the Father of the Punjabi novel. He was the pioneer of secular fiction in Punjabi.  more

Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Shiv Kumar Batalvi (1936-73) is called the Keats of Punjabi poetry. His great play in verse, Loona (1965), won him the Sahitya Akademi Award.  more

Waris Shah

Waris Shah (c. 1736-1790)'s verse is a treasurehouse of Punjabi phrases, idioms and sayings. His Heer Ranjha is considered as a masterpiece in Punjabi literature.   more   



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