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Famous Personalities of Sanskrit Literature


Asvaghosha, who belonged to the first or second century AD, was the most outstanding Buddhist writer in Sanskrit.   more

Bana Bhatta

Bana Bhatta (7th century) is the most illustrious of prose-writers in Sanskrit, who adorned the court of Harshavardhana.   more


Jayadeva was the 12th century poet who adorned the court of Lakshmana Sena. He was born in Kenduli, in Birbhum district.  more


Kalhana was the son of Champaka, minister of King Harsha (1089-1101 AD). His Rajatarangini is the first written history of the world.  more


Kalidasa (4th century) was one of the great Sanskrit poets of ancient India. Kalidasa wrote many dramas and epic poems all having an unprecedented poetic excellence  more

Somedeva Bhatta

Somedeva Bhatta was the court-poet of King Anantha of Kashmir who flourished in the 11th century. He is known by his famous collection   more


Valmiki (approx. 4th century BC) is the composer of Ramayana. He was a seer, sage and a literary artist. Ramayana is the great Indian epic known for the superiority of culture it projects.  more


Vishakadatta (6th century), the son of Maharaja Bhaskaradatta, belonged to a ruling royal family.   more


Vishnusharma (c.100-500) is known throughout the world as the composer of the Panchatantra, which consists of five books of edifying tales.   more


Vyasa (approx. 4th century BC), the composer of Mahabharata is the Homer of India. Mahabharata, the largest literary work in the world, comprises 100,000 slokas (couplets).  more


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