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Famous Painters of India

Abanindranath Tagore

Abanindranath Tagore (1871 - 1951) was a gifted landscape and portrait painter who is regarded as the founder of the neo-Indian school of painting branded by some as the 'Bengal School'. <more>

Amrita Shergil

Amrita Shergil (1913-1941) was one of India's first modernist painters. She was educated in Florence and Paris and developed a style that combined the best elements of European academic painting   <more>

Dhiraj Choudhury

Dhiraj Choudhury (b. 1936) is an idea-oriented artist with a remarkable capacity to immerse his artistic consciousness into suggested themes.   <more>

Jahar Dasgupta

Jahar Dasgupta is a remarkable name in the world of creative art in modem Bengal. Born in 1942 in Jamshedpur, Bihar, he had his early training in arts and painting in Shantiniketan under legendary masters like Ramkinkar Baiz and Benode Behari Mukherjee.   <more>

Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy (1887-1972) was a very renowned Indian painter, who was greatly impressed by the Kalighat paintings and the works of the village patuas and tried to model his work on folk art of Bengal.  <more>

Jatin Das

Jatin Das, who hails from Mayurbhanj in Orissa, has to his credit formidable works of art produced in the last forty years. His favourite subjects are the human forms, who are mostly painted in nudes, and to some extent birds and animals.  <more>


M.F Hussain (b.1915) is considered as India's leading artist. He began his career by painting huge cinema posters on hoardings.  <more>

Nandlal Bose

Nandlal Bose (1882-1966) was the student of Abanindranath Tagore. He was a staunch nationalist who was ardently devoted to swadeshi.  <more>

Prokash Karmakar

One of the most original and outstanding painters of contemporary India, Prokash Kannakar confirms in his works the rich inheritance of Indian art and the dynamic spirit of the modem age.  <more>

Raja Ravi Verma

Raja Ravi Verma(1848-1906) was, perhaps, the first great modem painter in India. Raja Ravi Verma travelled all over India and evolved a national style of painting  <more>

Satish Gujral

Satish Gujral (b.1925), brother of former Prime Minister I.K.Gujral, is a versatile painter, sculptor, muralist and architect of rare genius. He works with several mediums like paint  <more>

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