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Mewar was in the forefront in all fields of creative art and architecture under such Mewar Painting illustrious rulers as Maharanas Kumbha and Sanga. Illustrated manuscripts produced at Chittor, Delwada, Ahar and Chawand from 13th century onwards provide a continuous history of the Mewar School. A Ragamala set painted at Chawand in 1605 AD by Nisardi is a landmark of this school followed by many masterpieces of Manohar and others produced under Maharana Jagat Singh. Multi-painting sets of Ramayana, Gita-Govinda, Sur Sagar, Arsh Ramayana and Rasikapriya were prepared in an unmistakably bold, colourful and well defined style. These were followed by many large court paintings showing the Maharana in outings and hunting expeditions or attending religious festivities. Portraits, sets of Ragamala paintings, divinities and scenes of folk legends were also produced in large numbers.

 Nathdwara became an important religious and artistic center in the 17th century and pictures and Pichwais or large screen paintings were produced in abundance. Other sub-schools of Mewar are Devgarh, Sawar, Sirohi, Shahpura, Pratapgarh, Banswara and Dungarpur, each showing its own regional characteristic in a subtle but recognizable manner.



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