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Indian Famous Painter Abanindranath Tagore Abanindranath Tagore (1871 - 1951) was a gifted landscape and portrait painter who is regarded as the founder of the neo-Indian school of painting branded by some as the 'Bengal School'. Radha-Krishna series (1895-1900) was his first expression of paintings. His other important paintings include: The Lovelorn Yaksha, the Omar Khayyam series, the Mother of Ganesha, Nandotsav (1900-1910), A Drop of Tear on a Lotus Leaf, Kajari, Devadasi, Sun Worship (1911-1919), Alamgir, Gandhi-Tagore, C F Andrews (1920-26), Laila-Majnu (1930), Kavi-Kankan Chandi, Krishnamangal (1938-39) and Kutum-Kutim. Both his father Gunendranath and grandfather Girindranath were good painters. His set of paintings called Krishnalila (1896) is a synthesis of the Indian and European styles. His Arabian Nights series (1930) is among his most renowned works. He also established the Indian Society of Oriental Art in 1907. He was among the first Indian artists to gain international fame following his exhibitions in Paris and London (1913) and Tokyo (1919). He advocated the use of Indian themes in modem painting in India.

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