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 Pandit Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale (1869-1923) received his training from Faiz Mohammed Khan of Gwalior gharana from 1884-1894. Thereafter, he had further training from Natthan Khan of Agra Gharana and Alladiya Khan of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. The very beginning of Bhaskarbuwa's musical career was associated with stage music. It was he who provided music for the songs in Khadilkar's plays 'Vidyaharan', 'Swayamvar' and 'Draupadi', which brought a revolution in the stage music. The credit for popularizing obscure ragas like Shyam Kalyan, Bihagada, Suhagkanda, Gouri, Patabihag, Khokar and Savani Nat also goes to him.

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