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Bihari Lal Chaube or Bihari (1595-1664) was a medieval Hindi poet.  He was born in Govindpur near Gwalior to a Brahmin father and a Kshatriya mother. He got patronage in the court of the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan and achieved immortal fame by writing just one book Satasai (Seven Hundred Verses), which was written in Brijbhasha and is considered the most well known book of the 'Riti Kaal'of Hindi literature. He concentrated on the theme of love, especially involving Radha and Krishna.

One of the famous Dohas (couplet) written by Bihari is:

Satsaiya ke dohre jyun naavik ke teer
Dekhan men chote lage ghaav kare ghambir

"The couplets of (Bihari's) Satsai are like the arrows of sailor,
they look small but causes serious injury."


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