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 Charles Correa was born in Hyderabad, India in 1930. He studied at the University of Michigan and Massachusetts Institute of Technology after which he established a private practice in Bombay in 1958. Correa's work in India shows a careful development, understanding and adaptation of Modernism to a non-western culture. Correa's early works attempt to explore a local vernacular within a modern environment. Correa's land-use planning and community projects continually try to go beyond typical solutions to third world problems. An international lecturer and traveller, Correa was awarded the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 1984, the Aalto Medal and the UIA Gold Medal in 1990. He has also been awarded gold medals by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the International Union of Architects, and the India Institute of Architects as well as the 1998 Aga Khan award of $500,000 for his Vidhan Bhavan in Bhopal, the world's largest dollar amount awarded for architecture. His important works include the Bharat Bhawan, Arts complex, Bhopal (1982), Madhya Pradesh Assembly and the Kanchenjunga Apartments, Bombay (1970 to 1983). Correa also designed the Gandhi Sanghralaya in Ahmedabad as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

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