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Isvar Chandra Gupta's (1809) was a poet who was endowed with a keen humor. As a satirist he is ranked among one of the best writers of Bengal. Isvar Chandra started a journal called "Sambad Pravakar" in 1830, which soon attracted widespread attention in the literary world. His own productions also appeared in prose and verse in this journal. His keen powers of satire and his verses on society and life, written in a free and easy style, makes his writings an important element of the Bengali literature. Later, Isvar Chandra started the monthly Prabhakar in which he attempted to compile the biographies of leading Bengali poets and writers like Mukund Ram, Bharat Chandra, Ram Prasad and others. His Prabodha Prabhakar and Bodhendu Bikas are the specimens of unique prose style.

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