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M.F Hussain

M.F.Husain M.F Hussain (b.1915) is considered as India's leading artist. He began his career by painting huge cinema posters on hoardings. He formed the Progressive Artists Group in 1948 along with Havell, Francis Souza, Sayed Raza and Amrita Shergil. He had his first one-man show at Mumbai in 1950. He made a symbolic film, Through the Eyes of a Painter in 1966, which won him the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival. He painted several important series of paintings like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, Chirst and the Lamb, Peace Doves, Women with Roosters and Mother Teresa. He has constructed several art museums including, Husain Sankalana (Bangalore), Husain Gufa (Ahmedabad) and Husain ki Sarai (New Delhi). On January 26, 1988, M.F Husain 'painted the music' of the noted Hindustani classical singer, Bhimsen Joshi at the Tata Theatre in South Bombay. While Bhimsen Joshi sang the Raag Gujri Todi and others, M.F Husain "painted the music" in full view of the audience on a 4x6 ft canvas. However some of his fellow painters dismissed his efforts as a stunt and some people were disappointed. Hussain also generated much controversy for depicting goddesses in the nude. In the last couple of years, Hussain took a great fascination for the cine actress Madhuri Dixit and made her the subject of his many a painting. He has also produced a Hindi feature called Gajamani with Madhuri in the lead role.

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