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Ravi Kiran

Born in 1967 into a musical family, Ravikiran is considered an unprecedented phenomenon in Carnatic music. His grandfather Sri K. S. Narayana Iyengar was a renowned gottuvadhyam artiste and his father, Sri Narasimhan, is also a gifted gottuvadhyam artiste and vocalist. PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=ravikiran.gif (37495 bytes)" By the age of twelve, Ravikiran was a full-fledged vocal artiste and was given an A-grade ranking in All India Radio. At around this age, he switched over from vocal music to the difficult Chitra Veena or gottuvadhyam and within a short time he mastered the instrument.

Ravikiran has performed all around the world at major international festivals including the Autumn Festival of France (1985), Rang Raag Festival, U.K. (1986), the International Music Festival of Radio France (1987) and Festivals of India in France, Germany and Switzerland.. Ravikiran started receiving many awards and titles from 1973 including 'Best Junior Musician' (Music Academy, Madras), 'Sangeeth Samraat' (Wisdom International), 'Kalaimamani' (Tamil Nadu Government), 'Sangeeta Choodamani' (Krishna Gana Sabha) and 'Isai Peroli' (Karthik Fine Arts).

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