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Ritu Beri

reetu beri Ritu Beri is a very versatile designer who can design anything from ceramic ware, T-shirts, Olympic uniforms and haute couture. She is a renowned name in the fashion industry worldwide and her fashion shows are much awaited everywhere. Ritu Beri is a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. She has won several fashion awards including the KLM Cargo award, the Yuv Rattan Award 1992 and the Akea Best Delhi Designer Award for 1996. Ritu specialized in embellishments from the Institute and since then her collections have been known to emphasis embellishments. Ritu Beri studied with the French embroidery expert, Franscio Lesarge in Paris and also worked with Lucie Clayton in London.

She had the honour of creating the uniforms for the Indian Olympic Team to Atlanta. Ritu's outlet Lavanya, launched in 1990, is a well-known place for fashion lovers in New Delhi. Her outfits are also marketed at Liberty in London and Silk Heritage in Chicago. On her recent trip to Paris, Ritu Beri's collection, `Magic of Indian Tradition' was featured in the La Semaine de la Haute Couture, which is a week of high fashion held in Paris every year and provides an opportunity for designers to showcase their creations before a global audience. Her Prerna is a collection inspired by the modern Indian woman. Silhouettes ranged from sarong, flowing and flared tunics to pants. The other collection, Sanskriti, depicts the grandeur and beauty of yesteryear. Intricately embroidered ghagras, cholis and elaborate odhnis formed part of this collection.

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