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Sarat Chandra Chatterjee

Sharat Chand Sarat Chandra Chatterjee (1876-1938) published his first long story (Badadidi) in two installments in Bharati (1907). Some of his very striking stories include Bindur chele (1913), Ramer Sumati (1914) andAraksanya (1916). His earliest writings show striking influence of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. In Devdas (written in 1901, published 1917), Parinita (1914), Biraj Bau (1914) and Palli Samaj (1916), the themes and their treatment are similar to those of the older Chatterjee's but they are presented in a modernistic setting and in an easier and more simpler language. Tagore's influence, especially of his short stories and his novels Chokher Bali and Gora, is detectable in some of Chatterjee's stories and novels.

In the first phase of his literary career, lasting up to 1913 Chatterjee produced many important works like Srikanta in four parts (1917,1918,1927,1933), Charitrahin (1917), Biraj Bau (1914), Palli Samaj (1916), the first part of Devdasa (his first novel) and his first published short story Mandir (1904). In his second phase he produced his the biggest novel Grihadaha (1919). He also wrote the romantic love stories Datta (1917-19), Dena-Paona (1923), Pather Dabi (1926), Bipradas (1935) and Ses Prasna (1931). Chatterjee's works have been repeatedly translated into all the major Indian languages.

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