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Ali Sardar Jafri (b.1913) is one of the most prolific writers in Urdu. Born on November 29, 1913, in Ballarpur town of Uttar Pradesh, Sardar Jafri was involved in several social, political and literary movements. His important works include Parwaz, Nai Duniya Ko Salaam, Khoon Ki Lakeer, Asia Jag Utha, Patthar Ki Deewar, Ek Khwaab Aur, Pairahan-e-Sharar, Lahu Pukarta Hai and Manzil. He is only the third Urdu poet to receive the Jnanpith Award (1997) after Firaq Gorakhpuri (1969) and Quarratulain Hyder (1989). He has also been conferred with several other honours and awards including Padma Shri (1967), Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Award for poetry, Makhdoom Award, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Award, Iqbal Samman of the Madhya Pradesh government and the Sant Dyaneshwar Award of the Maharashtra government. The Aligarh Muslim University had conferred a D.litt on him in 1986. His writings have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages.

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