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Uday Shankar

uday shankar Uday Shankar (1900-1977) is one of the most renowned dancers and choreographers of India, who brought the Indian dance to international attention. Born in Udaipur, Shankar formed his own company in 1929 and toured until 1938. While in London at the Royal College of Art, he choreographed two Indian ballets, Krishna and Radha and A Hindu Wedding. He formed a troupe of 'Hindu dancers' from among his family and friends and in March 1931 at the Theatre Champs-Elys'es in Paris, he presented Tandava Nritya.

In 1939 he set up the Uday Shankar India Culture Center at Almore, with a galaxy of great Gurus like Shankaran Namburi in Kathakali, Kandappal Pillai in Bharatnatyam, Amobi Sing in Manipuri dance and Allauddin Khan in classical music. He was a man of superb showmanship and perfectionism. By the sheer impact of his physical presence on stage he transformed the traditional forms into the most memorable works. He is widely accepted as the Father of Modern Dance in India. Some of Uday Shankar's famous works include the innovative ballet, 'Labour and Machinery' and a path breaking film, 'Kalpana,' on the theme of dance.

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