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Ustad Vilayat Khan

vilayat ali khan Ustad Vilayat Khan (b. 1928), son of late Ustad Inayat Khan, was the scion of the Ittawa gharana whose stalwarts traced their line back to Tansen of Akbar's court. He is one of most renowned sitar players of India and occupies an important place in the world of classical instrumental music. Vilayat Khan's unique contribution to Indian classical music is introducing a new style of sitar playing now called Vilayatkhaani baaj. This is the gayaki ang or full-fledged vocal style, which he innovated, perfected and passed on to a school of disciples. He wrought a total change in the dimension and impact of the music by modifying the base, frets, bridge and strings of the sitar. His creativity was marked by the spontaneous and automatic formation of tans, kan, zamzama thus evolving the rare and difficult Gayaki ang, of which he was an innovator.

Vilayat Khan has received numerous awards and honours for his contribution to Indian music and has toured India, Europe, the Soviet Union, East Africa, China, Afghanistan, Iran and the United States. He had played Festival of India in Britain (1951).

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