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In India dance is considered to be divine in origin. The gods and goddesses not only take great delight in dance, drama and mime but many are great dancers themselves. Shiva's cosmic dance, Tandava, is believed to encompass creation, preservation, and destruction and this idea has been embedded in Hindu thought and ritual since the dawn of civilization. The dances of Kali, the dark and fierce Goddess of destruction, are very significant. Krishna is one of the most popular dancing divinities of the Hindus. There is mention in the mythological texts of Apsaras, the celestial courtesans of Indra's court who can change their shapes at will. Urvasi, Meneka, Rambha and Tilottama are the most famous among Apsaras who are well versed in the art of music and dancing.

||Introduction||  ||Classical dances|| Folk/Tribal Dances ||Modern Dances ||Great Dancers & Choreographers|| 

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