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India Quiz - India Trivia, Quizzes on Indian History, Mythology and Films!

Over 1000 India Quiz questions covering diverse topics like Indian History, Indian Geography, Indian Art & Culture, Religions, Hindu Mythology, Bollywood, Sports, Current affairs, Indian Cricket & Golf. Our Hot Quizzes include Indian Film Quizzes, Indian Cricket Quizzes, Indian Golf Quiz, Indian Religion Quizzes, Photo Quiz and many more. - A credible resource on India's Art, Culture and Heritage. A virtual encyclopedia on Indian Culture
A credible resource on India's Art, Culture and Heritage containing key information on Indian architecture, Indian music & dance, Indian theatre, Indian cinema, Indian painting, religions of India, Indian fairs & festivals, Indian arts and crafts, Indian languages & literature, Tribes of India, honours & awards, India's famous personalities, places & monuments, sports in India, first in India and cultural profile of Indian States and Union Territories.
Farha's Egg Decorations Galleries - Egg Art in India - Decorated Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Goose, Guinea, Duck and Hen Eggshells!

Egg Art by the renowned Indian Egg Artist Farha Sayeed. These fascinating egg decoration galleries display beautifully decorated Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Goose, Turkey, Duck, Guinea and Hen Eggshells! Each of the eggshells are intricately cut, carved and decorated by hand using pearls, beads, brocade, velvet, satin and rhinestone chains, making each piece a masterpiece and one of its kind.
Awaz Sayeed's Urdu Literature Page - Urdu poetry, Nazms and Urdu short stories!

Website on Urdu Literature dedicated to Late Awaz Sayeed, the renowned modern short-story writer, poet, Khaka-naveez and playwright from Hyderabad, India. The site exposes you to the unique and inimitable style of expression used by him.
Top 200 Urdu Websites - Urdu Newspapers, Urdu Portals & Urdu Dictionaries

Over 200 Top Urdu Websites dealing with  Urdu portals, Urdu Literature, Urdu Newspapers, Urdu Matrimonials, Urdu software, Learninh Urdu, Urdu Search, Mushairas, Shairy, and Urdu Horoscopes.
Encyclop├ędie de la culture indienne, l'Inde la culture, l'art et l'architecture, les cultures de l'Inde, de la culture et du patrimoine de l'Inde, des douanes et de la culture de l'Inde, de la culture populaire indienne, Indian culture et du patrimoine, les cultures de l'Inde.



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