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Qadianism or Ahmadiyyat

Qadianism or Ahmadiyyat began as a new religious movement by the initiation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (b. 1839-40) from Qadian, in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab, towards the end of the 19th century. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad belonged to a family who were subservient to the British and played a heroic role in defending the British in the War of 1857. The movement was actively supported by the British colonial power as a balancing force to Islam. In 1880, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published his first book Baraheen-i-Ahmadiyyah and established himself as a writer. By 1884, he added three more volumes to the same book and in 1885 he claimed himself to be a Mujaddid, a revivalist of Islam. In his books, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani makes the claim that he is in direct communication with God and ordains it upon his followers to believe in Islam according to his revelations. In 1891, he claimed himself to be the 'promised Mehdi' and a Promised Messiah. The rituals of Qadianism resemble that of Islam but most Islamic scholars contend that Qadianism contradicts verses of the Holy Quran, the Ahadith and the Islamic doctrine.

Therefore, many Islamic countries including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have declared the religion of Qadianism to be kufr or un-Islamic.

Other religious movements that emerged in India include the Mahdawi movement initiated by Syed Muhammad Mahdi of Jaunpur, the Raushaniyah movement initiated by Miyan Bayazid Ansari of Jullundhar and the Faraidi movement started in Bengal by Haji Shariatullah of Faridpur.

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