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Sikh Gurus

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Guru Nanak

Birth: May 5, 1479 at Basarke (Dist. Amritsar)
Father- Sri Tej Bhan ji Bhalla Khatri
Mother- Mata Sulakhani (Lachhmi ji)
Spouse: Mata Ram Kaur jib, D/o Sri Devi Chand jib Behl.
Sons: Baba Mohri ji and Baba Mohan ji
Daughters: Bibi Daani ji and Bibi Bhaani ji
Demise: Sept 1, 1574, at
Goindwal (District Amritsar)

Guru Amar Das was a very religious Vaishnavite Hindu who spent most of his life performing Hindu ritual pilgrimages and fasts. It was not until his old age that Amar Das met Guru Angad and converted to Sikhism. He eventually became Guru at the age of 73 and succeeded Guru Angad. He further institutionalized the free communal kitchen called langar among the Sikhs. Guru Amar Das was a great champion of women and tried to foster the idea of women's equality. He tried to liberate women from such practices as the purdah(wearing a veil) and sati

He also disapproved of a widow remaining unmarried for the rest of her life. In 1567 AD Emperor Akbar visited Guru Amar Das and was very impressed by him and the religious doctrine of the Sikhs. Guru Amar Das carried out a systematic expansion of the Sikh Institutions. He trained a band of 146 apostles (including 52 women) called Masands and sent them to various parts of the country. He also set up 22 dioceses called Manjis across the country, which helped in the spread of Sikhism among the masses. He also declared Baisakhi, Maghi and Diwali as three special days where all the Sikhs should gather to hear the Guru's words.

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