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Guru Nanak

Birth: March 31, 1504, at Matte DI Saraan (Naange DI Saraan) (Dist. Firozpur)
Father- Sri Pheru Mal Ji Trehan Khatri
Mother- Mata Daya Kaur ji.
Spouse: Mata Khivi ji D/o Shri Devi Chand ji.
Offspring: Sons: Sri Datu ji Dasuji
Daughters :Bibi Amro ji, Bibi Anokhi ji.
Demise: March 29, 1552.  

Guru Angad, originally known as Lehna, was ardent devotee of the Hindu goddess Durga. Upon meeting Guru Angad at the age of 27, Lehna became his devout disciple and renounced his former practices and embraced Sikhism. Guru Angad appointed him as his successor on July 14, 1539 and named him Guru Angad. Guru Angad maintained a langar where people of all religions and castes could gather for a free meal. He took keen interest in physical fitness and encouraged his devotees to be involved in sports after their morning prayers. Guru Angad was very fond of children and took great interest in their education and advocated that the children should be taught to read and write in their mother tongue, Punjabi. He popularized the use of Gurmukhi script. 

The credit of getting the Second authorized biography of Guru Angad written in 1544 AD as well as having a number of copies of Guru Angad's hymns written out in the new Gurmukhi script goes to Guru Angad Dev.

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