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Guru Nanak

Birth:April 15, 1469: at Talwandi (Nankana Sahib Pakistan)
Father-Mehta Kalyan Dass (Kalu Rai) Bedi Khatri
 Mother- Mata Tripta ji
Spouse: Sulakhni, D/o. Sri Mool Chand of Pakhoke Randhawe (District Gurdaspur)
Offspring: Baba Sri Chand ji, Baba Lakhmi Das ji
Demise: September 7,1539 at Sri Kartarpur (Punjab)

Guru Nanak was the founder and the first Guru of the Sikh religion. He was born in a simple Hindu family in the Western Punjab village of Talwandi. From an early age he was very inquisitive about the meaning of life. At age 13 he refused to accept the sacred cotton thread from the Hindu priest. As a young man, he would spend long hours absorbed in meditation and in religious discussions with Muslim and Hindu holy men. At age 16 he was married to Sulakhani and had two sons, Sri Chand and Lakshmi Chand. He took up a job as an accountant in the stores of Daulat Khan Lodi, the Governor of Sultanpur. Guru Nanak would work during the days, but early in the mornings and late at nights, he would meditate and sing hymns accompanied by his childhood friend Mardana on the rabab.

These sessions attracted the attention of many people, who started joining the two. Early one morning in 1499 AD, at the age of 30, Guru Nanak went to the river Vayee for his bath and did not come out and it was feared that he was drowned. After three days Guru Nanak appeared at the same spot from where he had disappeared. He was no longer the same person he had been and there was a divine light in his eyes and his face was resplendent. Guru Nanak was in the Holy Communion with God. The Lord God revealed Himself to Guru Nanak and enlightened him. Then onwards, Guru Nanak began extensive travel to spread the message of God in the form of musical hymns. Guru Nanak chose this medium to propagate his message because it was easily understood by the population of the time. He traveled throughout the Indian Subcontinent as well as abroad and visited places like Makkah, Medina and Baghdad. He toured the world, preaching Universal love and Oneness of Divinity. Bala and Mardana were the true followers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. One was a Hindu and the other was Muslim.

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