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Sikh Gurus

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Guru Nanak

Birth: September 24,1534, at Chune Mandi, Lahore
Father: Sri Haridas ji Sodhi,
Mother: Mata Daya Kaur Ji
Spouse: Bibi Bhaani ji, D/o Sri Guru Amar Das ji
Sons: Sri Prithi Chand, Sri Mahadev, Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji
September 1, 1581 at Goindwal  

Guru Ram Das was known as ‘Jetha’, meaning the 'Third born'. He was fond of the company of religious men right from his childhood. He soon became a disciple of Guru Amar Das. His hard work and devotion eventually won him the hand of Guru Amar Das's younger daughter, Bibi Bhaani. He successfully represented Guru Ram Das before the Mughal royal court to defend the charges by jealous Hindus that Sikhism maligned both the Hindu and Muslim religions. 

Eventually Jetha was ordained as Guru Amar Das's successor and named Guru Ram Das (meaning 'servant of God'). Under the directions of Guru Amar Das, his father-in-law, Guru Ramdas laid down the foundation for a new township called Ramdaspur, which later became the present day Amritsar, the holiest city of the Sikhs. The standard Sikh marriage ceremony known as the Anand Karaj is centered on the Lawan, the four stanza hymn composed by Guru Ram Das.

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